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Brandon Brown, PhD, UC Irvine Program in Public Health, Department of Population Health & Disease Prevention


Brandon Brown is an epidemiologist whose research focuses on infectious diseases in developing countries. He is an early stage investigator, with 5 years of research experience with female sex workers (FSWs) in Peru, and with ongoing studies of cancer screening, HPV, STIs, and HIV in FSWs and men who have sex with men (MSM). Brandon has submitted projects in Mexico to screen for cervical cancer and HPV in the general population, and in Peru to increase STI testing in MSM.

Dr. Brown earned his Bachelorís degree in mathematics at UC Irvine, his MPH at UCLA with a focus on epidemiology, and his PhD from Johns Hopkins School of Public health in international health under the tutelage of Dr. Neal Halsey. After spending a year in Peru, he became a Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCLA in 2011 and began designing his own clinical studies with the mentoring of Dr. Tom Coates. He currently holds a joint post as an Investigator at Via Libre, an NGO in Peru where he has ongoing clinical studies. Most recently, Brandon began a position as lecturer at UC Irvine where he teaches courses, conducts research, and mentors students in global public health.

Brandon has received several awards for his work on HPV, HIV, and cervical cancer prevention, including the Mary and Carl Taylor Fund in International Health, the Delta Omega scholarship, the Dan David Prize, the Clements Mann Fellowship in Vaccine Sciences, the Carol Eliasberg Martin scholarship in cancer prevention, and the International AIDS Research Travel Award.

Current Projects

Acceptability and feasibility of a modified HPV vaccine schedule in brothel based female sex workers in Peru and pap smear sensitivity: May 2008-February 2012 (Merck Co-I)

A study of HPV prevalence in multiple anatomical sites among men who have sex with men in Peru and anal cancer screening: May 2010-February 2012 (Merck Co-I)

The role of Genital Warts in HIV acquisition among MSM in Peru: September 2011-September 2015 (Merck~PI)

Cervical cancer prevention among female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico: September 2011-February 2012 (UC Mexus PI)

Selected Publications

Brown B, Blas M, Cabral A, Byraiah G, Guerra-Giraldez C, Sarabia-Vega V, Carcamo C, Gravitt PE, Halsey NA. HPV Prevalence, Cervical Abnormalities, and Risk Factors among Female Sex Workers in Lima, Peru. International Journal of STDs and AIDS 2011 (Accepted August 2011).

Brown B, Blas M, Cabral A, Carcamo C, Gravitt P, Halsey N. Oral sex practices, oral HPV, and correlations between oral and cervical HPV prevalence among female sex workers in Lima, Peru. International Journal of STDs and AIDS 2011 (Accepted May 2011).

Brown B, Carcamo C, Blas M, Valderrama M, and Halsey N. Peruvian FSWs: understanding HPV and barriers to vaccination. Vaccine. 28(2010);7743-7747.

Brown BE and Brown BJ, M, Welch R, Cranston B, Hanchard B, Hisada M. Haplotypes of IL6 and IL10 and Susceptibility to Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I Infection among Children. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2006; 194:1565-9.

Petros G, Airhihenbuwa CO, Simbayi L, Ramlagan S, Brown B. HIV/AIDS and OTHERING in South Africa: The Blame Goes On. Culture, Health and Sexuality 2006; 8(1): 67-77.

Recent Abstracts

Brown B, Blas M, Carcamo C, Halsey N. HPV prevalence, HPV4 completion, and immune response among Peruvian female sex workers. International Papillomavirus Conference, Berlin, Germany, 2011.

Brown B, Blas M, Cabral A, Carcamo C, Gravitt P, and Halsey N. HPV Prevalence and Risk Behaviors among Female Sex Workers in Peru-Data from an HPV Vaccine Study. Global Health Council, Washington DC, 2011.

Carreazo J, Anton C, Ayarza R, Moran S, Brown B. Bringing health facilities to the people: HIV voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) in a public place. AIDS, Vienna, Austria, 2010.

Brown B, Carcamo C, Valderrama M, Blas M, and Halsey N. Acceptability Survey of HPV Vaccine Among Female Sex Workers in Lima, Peru. ISSTDR Conference, London, 2009.

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